ApkSuite RC2 Beta Release

ApkSuite RC2 Beta Release

The Scripthen Network are proud to announce the beta release of ApkSuite RC2, this build is essentially a nightly showing off its latest features. This public release will push us a few steps forward to completing our final stable build.

New features include:

  • Dex too Java Decompiling Installable deb & RPM packages User directory integration Binary's are up-datable via OTA

Planned features for the future:

  • Fully automated version control and OTA updates for entire software suite Integrated apktool debugging And what ever you request


Ubuntu & Any Debian based distribution that uses dpkg

sudo dpkg -i ApkSuite.deb

Fedora/OpenSUSE (Any RPM/YUM based distribution) Using RPM

sudo yum localinstall apkuite.rpm

Using RPM

sudo rpm -ivh apksuite.rpm

After installing the package please run sudo apksuite The program will then download it dependencies and binary's.


ApkSuite.deb | ApkSuite.rpm


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBU17o7h4No If you have any issue please leave a comment.