Developing an Early COVID-19 Tracker

📖 Introduction In early April 2020 to help people track the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK & Internationally, I decided to put together an open source Dashboard which tracks cases and their outcomes from

Creating a Remote Access System with OpenVPN

Introduction Remote access has never been more important, with internet connectivity expanding daily and customer expectation for such technology increasing, not being able to deploy, modify and diagnose your software remotely puts you

Building a Modern Charity Website

As a favour and a cause I can get behind I was asked to build a website for the charity Hairy Hounz, who re-home ill-treated, abandoned or unwanted dogs in Hampshire. The charity

How we used Linux

Introduction Industrial Automation is an industry that's always 10 years behind mainstream technologies. This is partly due to the large monopoly held by the three main players, Siemens, Allen Bradley &