Bubble Automation

Our client wanted a website that could store and display live information about there industrial plant equipment.
They wanted live levels of septic tanks and storing/displaying run-times trends of pumps, compressors and power.
To do this I wrote a protocol to translate ModBus (A standard industrial protocol) into variables usable in Python. This allowed us to begin building a website that uses web-sockets to stream live information into a page without refreshing.
This system also provides a live log and email alerts for faults and important alerts. For more detail read my write up here

Spark Industries

Designed and developed a custom MySQL database structure for storing millions of medical components,
these components needed to contain various data sets which would determine if they would work together.
This system also needed a HTML/PHP Front end for adding components easily in mass, as well as previewing
any images or vectors graphics.
To make this information available to the clients software a JSON api was created, the api would allow for quick comparing of components, updates and latest descriptions.

The Spitfire Garage

Designed & Developed a fully automated MOT Booking and Reminder System.

Technology’s used were:

  • Python – Server backend to monitor MOT dates and email receipts 7 days before their date.

  • PHP – Handled data input from frontend via AJAX passed to MySQL. Also sent confirmation emails.

  • HTML5/CSS3/JS – Allowed access to their customer data.