Industrial Remote Access System

I needed to develop a remote access system not dependant on a sites network infrastructure, something portable and not requiring on-site set setup.

This was important because the Anaerobic Digester Plants we needed to program and maintain remotely had myriads of different methods for gaining internet access, from 4G to wireless broadband sharing solutions. This was due to them being extremely remote making traditional broadband unaccessible.

Remote Visualization & Notification

Industrial Automation is an industry that's always 10 years behind mainstream technologies. This is partly due to the large monopoly held by the three main players, Siemens, Allen Bradley & Wonderware. This  has led to an unfortunate lack of innovation, especially in native  industrial web applications, Which are almost nonexistent.

At Bubble Automation I saw this as an issue. Most clients who wanted remote monitoring capabilities of their sites were stuck using clunky add-ons. Add-ons requiring large license fees and maintenance costs, or insecure TeamViewer/VNC connections needing third party tools to be installed on the clients machines.

I wanted to build a modern secure native web application that required no browser or PC plugins, this needed to provide live data and work on any device e.g mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop to prevent the need for unnecessary platform dependant apps. For  security, the web server had to be on the customer's premise, small enough to be put in a control panel and robust enough to survive  industrial conditions.

Hairy Hounz Adoption System & Website

As a favour and a cause I can get behind I was asked to build a website  for the charity Hairy Hounz, who re-home ill-treated, abandoned or  unwanted dogs in Hampshire. The charity has recently changed hands,  their previous website was outdated and difficult to maintain. I wanted  to build a no-frills modern mobile-friendly Wordpress website to keep  future maintainability straight forward.

This website included a simple to use Adoption System written in PHP to allow the constantly changing workforce to maintain what I saw the most important aspect of the website without any WordPress experience, I've opened sourced the code for anyone to use.

Dalmatian Feeding Guide

A website created to combine information on feeding Dalmatians food that will prevent the formation of stones into one modern easy to navigate and  understand website.

Orginally the website was created to experiment with creating a simple CMS system around bootstrap. I now use this system for building simple website where Wordpress would be overkill.


A GTK3 ProtonVPN Client using offical ProtonVPN-CLi written in Python.